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we celebrated mom’s birthday at one of my favorite restaurants on saturday.

she had absolutely no idea.  i am very proud of us all for keeping the secret so well.  the host opened the door, and she turned to me and welled up.  after she calmed down, she kept squealing that she couldn’t believe there was a party for her!  it was priceless.

mom with brother & sister

more of the chocolate joke carried over from christmas

this table got more & more carried away as everyone else tapered off for the night. it was perfect.

my beautiful cousin

and my dapper brother, ignoring some attempted bunny ears.

red wine, delicious gnocchi, and great conversation.  🙂

the leftovers have finally been finished (i think this was round three, topped with raw sharp cheddar cheese, and some zucchini):

and i just finished never let me go.  it was incredible.  i think it’s my number three favorite right now.  i’m coming down off the reading with some decaf green tea and catching up on blogs and emails.