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to begin the weekend recap, i will start at the beginning.  saturday morning was spent at my friend ele’s house, where she tricked me into baking with her.  :-p  i went over with the intention of taking lots of photos of her making her famous scones, but instead, she set me up with an apron and put me to work.

(thanks to fran for a few of the photos.  she offered her services while i was covered in floury bits.)

“how else are you going to learn?”  absolutely.  i joke about the ‘teach a man to fish’ saying all the time.  and they were so easy!  i can definitely make them on my own.  i think i might work on the recipe a little bit, and share it the next time i go through it.

she asked if i wanted to do blueberry or cranberry, to which i responded, “can we make chocolate chip??”  and a scone was born.  or eight.

she started my cooking lesson with a preamble about her beloved silpat sheet, and that she promised it was clean, even though she didn’t think anyone would believe it.  i told her of course i would never include a photo of it on my blog.

and it was all incredibly worth it.  there were no words for these fresh out of the oven.

after the scones were in the oven, ele taught an impromptu knitting circle.

it was a very cute saturday all around.  more on saturday night’s celebration next time.