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balloons in the kitchen today!

more on that soon.

i had breakfast today at 1:15 pm.  i would feel like a bum, if it hadn’t been absolutely wonderful.  it was the most delicious bowl of oatmeal.  i guess that makes it favorite #5389.  (no, i really didn’t count to that many bowls of oatmeal.  but give me time.)

in the mix:
1 banana
serving of rolled oats
cup of almond milk
1/3 cup water
1/3 cup unsweetened applesauce
0.5 tbsp ground flax seeds
0.5 tbsp wheat germ
a few cocoa-roasted almonds
tbsp brown sugar

i simmered the oats and flax seeds in all the liquid and applesauce, and just cooked it for longer than usual to absorb it all.  i didn’t whip in the banana like i usually do, a la kath, but added chunks after it was finished.

i also tried out my chai tea latte concentrate for the first time.

it wasn’t what i expected in the container–it looked like plain black tea.  i think i was expecting it to already look like a latte, even though you mix equal parts with milk to serve.  but it was just as good as i was hoping.  i used almond milk + 1% milk (but only so i didn’t have to fit in the gallon of milk to our very delicately-balanced, full fridge this morning).  and i was going for the pretty just-filled mug for the photo.  welcome to my clumsiness.

the rest of the day was mostly filled with a dawson’s creek marathon with nyssa.  ice cream cones from mcdonald’s.  never let me go.  a bit of a crossword puzzle.

and cleaning out an old tote from the basement.  it didn’t leave me feeling sad like some of my journals or old keepsakes used to…  but it came close.

i found the teapot i had lost.  i’m still glad that i replaced it for myself.

koosh ball!!!  and my adorable mother, who held her smile for a solid minute while i played with camera settings.  :-p  happy birthday to her!!!!  (like i said, i’ll post about it soon.)

i found a second lens to go with the old camera i came into; i didn’t even remember it had a second lens.

and along with it, i found a roll of photos i had developed.  i think if i had to find photos from that time in my life, i wouldn’t have wanted to find a roll more than this one.  i spent a weekend in upstate new york sometime in college.  the entire time around it is a blur, but there was one morning i spent there that was one of my favorite times ever…  i don’t really know why.  i took the car and was on my own for a morning, so i wandered into the small town nearby.  i ate at the sweetest subway ever, where the owner chatted with me over some study notes i was reviewing, gave me “messed up” oatmeal cookies, and told me to check out the old hardware store for something fun to do.  i bought a cheap cup of coffee in a country gift shop, spent the afternoon walking around with it in whatever cabin / campground where we were staying, and sat by the very cold lake for a few minutes.  i think i remember it so fondly because it was probably the most serene, casual time i got to have that year.  i love that i can have it as a fond memory now.

to wind up my very, very busy day, i’m going to do some more reading, look over the new postsecrets, and watch a movie.  🙂  good night!  (and pretend tomorrow is not monday.)