i was so excited about my raw veggie salads from the weekend, i forgot how much snow peas were my favorite vegetable ever when they were cooked up with a little salt.

color me dense.

i had the rest of the raw veggie salad on the side.  believe me when i say that this, once again, does not reflect my eating throughout the day.  it was preceded by peanut butter and chocolate chips.  at least i tried for a little balance.

melissa came over for a (rerun) grey’s date.  instead of wine, it was a tea night.  (and i just noticed this looks like a commercial for celestial seasonings.  i really don’t discriminate.)

new tea!  sleepytime vanilla.  oh, you’ve added vanilla to my favorite bedtime tea?  please, twist my arm.  melissa was hard to convince, as well.

we were just in time.

and now, i am so sleepy.  at least i know the tea did its job.  or, i’m actually sleepy from waking up to claw my car out of 18 inches of snow and then spending a (nice, quiet, snow-filled) day at work.