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no snowmen today.  that title was a lie.  instead, in light of the work day i had in lieu of a snow day, there was a really good amount of food planning that went into my morning.

so, so much packing.  i packed up oatmeal–with applesauce, pumpkin, cinnamon, and homemade cashew butter, a Crofter’s and natural pb sandwich, and fixings for a huge bowl of cereal–kashi protein, fiber one, blueberries, strawberries, and almond milk.

it was worth it.  i spent a couple of very small chunks of the day reading in the lunch room, instead of cleaning off my car several times and traveling back and forth.

the day was pretty hectic at work, but aside from coming home in a bad mood, it was pretty… decent.  haha.

after pushing back all my snacks because of running around this morning, i ate my pb&j at something like 4:00, so wasn’t hungry for dinner until jeopardy.  i was originally bummed i didn’t see more starchy nom noms, but realized all of my other meals were good enough on that front.  and i want to let as few things as possible go bad from whole foods last weekend.  i made some bbq tempeh with raw cheddar cheese, simple cabbage with olive oil, salt & pepper, and broccoli with garlic powder and nutritional yeast.

i am now devouring a chocolate bar.  it hasn’t gone away yet.  i don’t think it will be.  valentine’s day is on television, and while i think the movie is hysterical, the fact that it is on is making me think, “v-day be damned.  i am giving myself candies all month.”  it’s looming over me.

regardless, shortly after, i get to go on holiday.  just a long weekend, but i can’t wait.  travel without working?!  i don’t think i will know what to do with myself.  four days in new orleans with melissa, and her mom’s friend to show us around.  she said she’s already started making reservations for dinners for us, and asking what we’d like to see while we’re there.

and after that (by like a month… but still), i go to las vegas for the first time!  for work, which is fine by me.  my tune may sound a bit different once i have to start planning for it, but i’m ridiculously excited for that one, too.  :-p