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one more spectacular bowl of cereal for lunch today.

this one included one of my to-go rations of granola from last week.

the rest of the day involved some self-inflicted tlc.

i had a dinner of mostly sweet potato,

and a new find from whole foods–raw organic sharp cheddar cheese (not because of any real reason, but because i was excited to see it, and wanted to try cheese not made with rennet).

so dinner also included tempeh topped with raw cheddar cheese, tomato, and avocado.

some more of this:

i dusted off this lovely–whether or not it was against my better judgement–and had an awesome time of it with melissa at a new class…  so nice (maybe?) to be sore everywhere from a great yoga class than miserable illness.  but i’ll play it cool and make sure it doesn’t backfire.  i’m definitely not all better by any means.

and then had a little angel food cake and some chocolate milk (done up right with dark hershey’s syrup and unsweetened vanilla almond breeze).

currently, terms of endearment is on. and i have every hope of lights out in less than 30 minutes.