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i discovered the best thing ever for my oatmeal this morning. i cooked rolled oats in the microwave, and forgot to add the pumpkin early. so 13 seconds before breakfast was ready i threw them on top, and only mixed a little bit.

then i left the cottage cheese as a big, cold dollop on top. new favorite breakfast. and to think, all i had to do was give it less effort and not mix it up. endeavor number one to be less of a perfectionist. hahaha.

lunch was another salad, this time with a new kind of tempeh.

in keeping with the delicious, separated theme, i left my lunch salad in sections. i also was slightly alarmed about the balsamic vinegar / barbecue sauce combination that accidentally happened because i was being absent-minded and grabbed the vinegar. not to worry. every single bite was spectacular.

on a side note… my parents have a hilarious battle going on regarding blankets. i bought a cheap one for myself a few years ago, which my mom loved. so i bought one for her a couple of christmases ago. i got one recently as a gift. and then my mom got a gigantic one for my dad this past christmas.

so they fight over using whichever is closest while in the living room. my mom walked in to some labels this afternoon, and instead of telling him she found them, she swapped them and told me not to tell.