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i have been sleeping in large chunks this week. well, i have been trying my hardest. my mind’s a little bit all over the place, but i’m trying to stay mellow.

the day started off with no alarm clock (as do my huge plans for sunday), and then a trip to whole foods. it was crowded, but the resulting bagfuls were so worth it.

lunch was a huge helping of veggies, in the form of salad with avocado & caramelized onion hummus (!!!),

followed by a good helping of fruits, in the form of a delicious bowl of cereal (fiber one original and puffed brown rice… lovingly described as “twigs and puffs”).

i did not leave this spot in the kitchen for hours… and almost fell asleep there again.  the only thing that kept me upright was never let me go.  it’s so good so far, and i didn’t have the mental capacity to read any of it on the flights last week.

i was also hand-in-hand with a big mug of tea. i went through entirely too many cups of tazo tea during the meeting in orlando. it was a good comfort. calm tea is what i pounded back while away. i actually sweet-talked my contacts at the hotel to bring me a few cups during dinner, while everyone else was having beer. today, i left whole foods with om tea on a whim.

the day was rounded out with a birthday dinner for my friend nyssa!

stupendous gnocchi. and then we all parted ways because i wasn’t the only one run-down and under the weather.

i cannot wait for more berries and salad tomorrow. pathetic. but delicious. i always forget how exciting it is to find fresh, good berries in the winter. i shall call them comfort food to get me feeling better.