i’m still coming down off my trip… but i can at least post what i have. i left my beautiful camera in my room the entire time i was there, partially because i didn’t want to risk hurting it by lugging it around in a scarf, and partially because i cared less and less about photographing anything.

i rolled in style a little bit this weekend. picked up at the airport by a driver, and surprised with fruit & cheese in my room.

i had one 12-hour work day–that was my casual day. the rest were between 15 & 18 hours. there wasn’t too much for me to eat–most of the special vegetarian dinners were vegetables-only. i tried to plan ahead with granola and protein bars, but it didn’t get me too far, and i ate coffee for breakfast a decent amount.

shockingly: i came down with one of the worst illnesses i can ever remember having. i was dizzy waiting for the elevator, completely out of it and miserable at our awards dinner, had aches everywhere, and then couldn’t swallow. but, i’m on the mend already. i slept a lot my first night back, and more last night. i can walk without limping, i can swallow again, and i can just about think in a straight line. it wasn’t all bad, though.  i tried to enjoy any good moments i could find.

a group of us went to espn for a drink on one of the first nights, and shared 3 funnel cakes on our walk back to the hotel. i was treated to an awesome breakfast sandwich the next morning, after mentioning how early i would have to start working. so delicious, my smuggled-in egg & cheese croissant. i witnessed some really amazing karaoke in the hotel one night. and i had room service ordered for the first time, and had one of my favorite nights ever.

proof that i was there.

and this is where i fell asleep as soon as i got home, with my head on the kitchen table.

a present arrived while i was gone.

fingers crossed for a little more sleep tonight!  as long as i can get off the computer, and clear my head…  at least i have some good dreams to fall asleep to.