it’s pretty adorable that i just hung up my new bathing suit to dry next to the window where i can see the snow storm.  i had a pretty rough day at work, and just finished up with an hour and a half of working out my packing list for a work trip thursday  morning.  packing stresses me out.  always.  but i have the best hopes for a stress-free and (fingers-crossed:) sleep-filled wednesday.

i’m not sure when i’ll be able to post, like last time, but i may get a chance for one or two.

i’ve been working on basically one project for two months, and it’s the meeting that’s about to happen in orlando.  once all of the details are organized, it should be good. and once i’m down there, i will really look forward to the meeting, and taking a huge deep breath.  and it’s just about all set. that’s something to be happy about, even after the day i had.

we’re supposed to get a bit of snow throughout the night tonight.  i’m apparently going out to dig out my car for work a half hour early.  but i just checked to confirm the chilly-for-florida weather while we’re there, and i was ambushed with highs from 57*F (on travel day) to 74* on monday!!!  oh my goodness.  i just washed my new bathing suit and packed the shorts and flip-flops i gave up on a week ago.