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So I’ve been suffering with photo edits recently. I’m crazy about making sure everything is the same size. Somewhere around 10:30 PM yesterday, I discovered a gem on my computer. Honestly, the coolest thing I’ve come across in a long time. And it makes me want to shout, “Curses, to you Apple, for keeping this a secret!! Did you even say the word Automator to me once during my purchasing of all your expensive, wonderful bits?!?” The answer is no. But how incredible. It touts itself as an application that does the tedious, time-consuming tasks so you don’t have to. I saved a ‘workflow’ to copy, rename, and size down my photos for uploading, and all I have to do is pick which I want, drag, and drop! (It’s always the little things. Oh, my.)

Today was a lot of nice, in between some snowfall. I don’t have blogger meet-ups yet, but I had breakfast with my Weight Watchers cohorts after our meeting. We changed locations at the last minute to stay close, so we were still all happy going in the snow.  I think we’re going to make a breakfast date every month.  I’m so excited; they are such an amazing group of ladies.

Fran, Pat, Rose, Barb, & Debbie

I warned them in advance about the amount of ketchup I planned to consume.  😉  A mushroom omelet and potatoes were also involved.

Later in the afternoon, I did a little shoveling. And then, it was time for hot cocoa. My favorite kind (from a packet) is french vanilla. Really, you could tell me anything was french vanilla, and I would be all in.

Who wants to judge me for this?

Yeah, me, too. But I found three packets of it, and damned if I was going to throw them away! I added a little fiber to the mix to feel more dignified.

Mixed with part vanilla almond milk and part water… and it was perfect! Curses to those three expired months.

…OK, I know it’s disgusting. I will cease talking about it. But it really was delightful. And well deserved, I should say. Look at this driveway!

Now I’m cuddled up by the fire, and thinking about what I would most enjoy doing for the three hours until I am asleep. :-p