you can call me snap-happy.  i would like to preface by saying i’m pretty in love with this new little guy, and it will probably not be exciting for anyone else right now.  :-p


one of my grandmom's little teacups high on a shelf

so many hilarious images like this nonsense, in one of my mom's wreaths

our christmas tree, through to the other side

excited for worthless, beautiful close-ups involving food

like this guy right here

and basil. this was melissa's mom's, since mine crapped out pretty much immediately.

a scene from work

my dad is in adorable spirits right now. he isn't allowed to talk, because of surgery he had, but he went to pick up a coffee for himself, and went prepared.

thursday night--grey's anatomy date

it’s only been 27 hours.  but happy snapping it was.  and i just discovered brand new delights on my macbook.  oh, happy (techie) day.