I cannot get in gear this week. Everything is good. I think I’m just in a mild funk about taking care of myself and making pleasant decisions.  And I can’t remember any specifically delicious meals!  Wait a minute.  Maybe that’s the whole problem here.


  • Work was mildly stressful, but it’s nothing worth getting frazzled over, and I’m all simmered down about it.
  • I should be receiving a self-induced present (!!!!) tomorrow.
  • Even though I haven’t gotten started on many of them, I love the resolutions I wrote to myself a few nights ago when I couldn’t sleep. it was mostly just a long note to myself about what I listed on here. I can’t wait to spend the year with them.
  • Papa had surgery this morning… It was over quickly, they got everything they wanted to, and it should all heal well. Now there’s a bit of a wait-and-see going on.  Nothing to do but just keep hoping for the best.  All things considered, it went well.
  • I will pay attention to my meal plan. I will pay attention to my meal plan. I will pay attention to my meal plan. I spend a decent amount of time thinking through my daily meal ideas, and mapping them out. And then I sort of just disregard them 100% sometimes. This week feels like one of those weeks. I’m traveling next Thursday, so I have just about a week to actually look at what I wrote down, and have great, healthy meals.
  • Umm, did I mention I should be getting the best present ever to myself in the mail tomorrow?! The excitement might not last super long, but I’m pretty sure it will. 🙂