Happy 2011!

It’s gotten off to a wonderful start. Saturday, I stayed at Melissa’s. We all ate leftovers for breakfast, had two cups of coffee, stayed in our pajamas, watched The Kids Are Alright, cuddled, and talked to little sister’s fiance. I love this family, and haven’t gotten to spend 24 hours with them in a few New Years. “Our” little sister is engaged to someone living in Morocco. It’s a delicate situation, but if she is happy, I am happy. Her family, and now I, have had the good chance to talk to him through web cam.

Through my list of looking back, I’ve come up with a little bit of a new year’s resolutions list. This year, I don’t want to say anything too specific, or make anything feel more like a chore or something I have to worry about not achieving. I have a list of pictures I want to take (more on my photography efforts to come soon), and books I want to read, but I’ll leave those separate.


Big 2011 Resolve List
* move more
* do yoga
* cook meals
* photograph
* drink wine
* meditate & pray
* travel
* study & learn
* learn to stop selling myself short
* feel good about myself every day