What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute – and can you eliminate it? (This prompt actually had a focus on writing, but I chose to ignore the point, and tailor it into what I wanted.)

I have the tendency to zone out doing tasks that I don’t necessarily enjoy doing. I’ll get caught up in a little project, or in organizing something, and after a decent amount of time goes by, I’ll forget that I can stop even though I’m not interested. I want to take a big nod from Sarah at the SHU Box, and be more mindful in whatever I am doing. This is a big resolution, but I’ll leave it summed up that simply.

I think, if I try hard enough, this can work itself into a lot of different things. Mindfully enjoying meals… Trying to be more present in day-to-day tasks, which have the ability to overwhelm me into feeling like I hate a lot of daily bits, but could really be fine when broken down that simply… Taking a breath during everything I do to realize nothing is unreachable.

I think it will help me to feel confident that regardless of where I try to go, I can do whatever I need to to get there.