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My brand-new rice cooker did not disappoint.

Emily suggested a couple on her blog, and I asked for one of them after her rave reviews. My Irish oats came out beautifully in between shoveling the snow yesterday.

We all took turns tending to our driveway…

I took the later shift, so I could enjoy this when I woke up…

Then I broke in the rice cooker.  Two servings of Irish oats, 2 cups of water, and 1/2 Tbsp flax seed.

They took a while, but were creamy and perfectly cooked. I will not be using flax seed again, though, because somehow they got carried everywhere with the steam trying to escape. It cleaned up fine, but it was a pain. I’ll just add those after it cooks next time.

Can’t wait to use it for rice! And barley, and millet, and beans & rice… And so many other things I’ve already saved and written down. What a nerd.