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eight things

* i played the glee christmas albums three times in a row at work today.

* my first dunkin donuts gift card of the season! i love dunkin donuts, but i never really rule in favor of the time or money if i don’t have a gift card to use up. blueberry lattes and iced dunkin dark, here i come.

* my meal plan for the next five days.

* wait a minute. did i mention the five and a half days i have off right now?! yeah. they should have been numbers 1 through 5.5 on this list.

* the meal plan. i am planning it around my aunt’s lasagna on christmas eve, my pasta salad and cookie rounds on christmas, wine, and visiting at my brother’s house on sunday.

* i am actually planning it around fruits and vegetables, too. i have been eating a little bit miserably lately. but if that continues, at least it will be surrounded by fresh, good foods. these will potentially include a bag and a half of brussels sprouts over my five days (because i have them and they are MY FAVORITE), and lots of frozen blueberries and frozen peaches that i can’t wait to play with and incorporate into everything

* i picked out my vegan baked good for my holiday exchange!  a huge thank you to fran for inspiring me to see it through, with a quick, happy trip to walmart for some earth balance! more should come on that tomorrow.

* i made it to the gym this morning. 🙂 my day still eventually included way too much chocolate, and sugar in general, but regardless, i’m happy to say i went. it was due in large part to a pep talk i gave myself while i fell asleep last night. (after i set my alarm to go yesterday and immediately reset it.) “it will be ok. you’ll hop right up and out the door. your hair can be messy. it will be cold. but you will feel so much happier with yourself!” hahaha. so i’m even crazier at 11:30 PM than usual. i left about 10 minutes later than i decided, which is great for me. it was cold, but i didn’t worry. i layered, and i got there just fine. i got a nice, high-intensity jaunt on the cross trainer. and when i was getting ready for work, i was already in a great mood.  even though i hate falling out of bed most times, and i can usually convince myself otherwise, it really does make me happier.