I’m having a level-headed Tuesday in preparation for Merry Thursday-through-the rest of the week.  🙂  I am working on mellowing out for the holidays.

I’m in a good mood today.  And I stayed at work until 7:00 PM tonight.  Perhaps it was the second cup of coffee I  had this afternoon!  I’m leaving tomorrow at 2:00 PM to kick off my winter festivities.  And by winter festivities, I obviously mean drinking tea and wrapping presents, drinking wine and baking, and watching a lot of DVDs (including My So-Called Life, Eclipse, the third season of Roswell, and a lot of other beauties that get hidden under my bed when company’s coming).

I still have to come up with a vegan baked good idea for a holiday exchange.  I was going to go for something fun and festive, like a vegan pumpkin spice cake.  But my friend is more of a traditionalist.  And it will mean no hour round-trip to the Whole Foods for Earth Balance (since I just found out they are the only seller around here).  Mama Pea’s Double-Chocolate Single-Chin Brownies!  I will probably add more vegan chocolate chips and go for the solid double-chin.  😉

I am taking a breather from apartment searching.  I still love one I saw on Saturday.  But I also want to take a couple of classes at a county college in the Spring, and I would like to not be selective about getting my ducks in a row.  I was resolved two nights ago that I would be waiting, yet again, for the apartment…  Now I’m thinking that after the holidays, and a week of clearing my head, I might consider going for both at once.  There’s a lot to think about.  I’m going to ignore it tonight in favor of trying to get to sleep.

I am currently downloading the new Glee Christmas soundtrack!  I watched the episode while singing along next to our kerosene heater, and they told me the soundtrack was now available!  I needed something adorable to put on my iPod for work tomorrow.  We’re having a holiday lunch, and I’m taking in candy for the gals I work with.  If I didn’t think I would be the only one, I would haul out my Santa hat.  As it were, it’s itchy.  My holiday spirit will just have to shine through enough to make up for it.