without fail, thanks to my college years, any time i hear the word savvy now, i only think of jack sparrow.  this list has less to do with pirates than i would like.  i’ve been listing everything recently, to try to get my head around the different apartment dilemmas.  i’m in a very happy place, but the lists have gotten pretty expansive.  there is a great one of all the cheap groceries i will be stocking up on, and now a meal list from there, so i know i can still eat happy.  without further ado (because i know i’ve clearly gotten you excited for it), my new meal list:
oatmeal, banana, & cottage cheese (haven’t done the cottage cheese addition in so long)
yogurt with cinnamon apple
greek yogurt with blueberries, almonds, and cereal
oatmeal with soymilk
chia fluff (i just remembered how reasonable it was in the bulk bins at whole foods.  i’m sure i’d venture back to the whole foods in 8 months when i run out.)

Bethenny’s Brown Rice Breakfast; I may have been watching vegetarian-idea videos on youtube for far too long this evening.
my favorite homemade strawberry flax pancakes

beans, rice, frozen veggies
pasta salad
veggie chili
beans on toast
tofu salad (another guy i discovered tonight… 1/4 block, mashed up with fork, mayonnaise… on toast or in a sandwich)
quinoa salad with peppers, onion, corn, and black beans

sweet potatoes & fried tofu
wheat pasta & red sauce with cheese
tofu veggie stir-fry
scrambled tofu and potatoes
bean quesadillas
brown rice with steamed broccoli & soy sauce
baked potato with salsa and baked beans
homemade bean burgers
chana masala

I don’t know that I’m really going to be changing anything.  I won’t splurge on expensive almond butter and miscellaneous ice cream treats that will 60% go to waste, after my cart is already full.  I’ll probably start stocking up more on things when they’re on sale.  I’m going to go back to dried beans, as soon as I decide on a slow cooker.  I’ll soak a bunch overnight and let them cook while I’m at work.  It would keep me in protein for a week with about 10 minutes of effort.  Apartment viewing away!! (In 12 hours.)