wow, three days off.  i thought it had been two.  i haven’t taken one food photo.  well, one that didn’t involve leftovers.  and i was still not inspired to post that.

i’m apartment searching!  i wouldn’t say hunting, because it’s a bit more relaxed than that.  i had my first walk-through ever on tuesday, and am seeing three more places with that realtor saturday morning.  after that, i’m going to the apartment complex i’ve basically had my eye on since i was 8 years old.  i don’t know why.  it’s in the middle of a town i really like, but it’s just over my comfort zone.

i’ve been calculating and recalculating.  and basically, trying to convince myself i will fail no matter what.  i really think i’ve written down everything i can, though.  and even accounting for buying a new car, i could potentially do it!  some online browsing just now turned out that i might not have cushioned enough for the car payments.  and i thought i was being generous! ah, well.  new car shmew car.  and i would eat smarter (and cook more.  hello, no more weeks like this week), but i still think i would be fine.  not strapped, or, not hopefully.

most of my lists the past week have been brainstorming any possible monetary monthly needs, and the most current – writing out all sorts of standard pricing for groceries from shoprite online.  i don’t know why i thought it would comfort me.  it just made me sleepy, haha.  i already think i could eat pretty inexpensively and still be happy about it…  i’m just trying to realize everything else will work out fine, too.  it’s been a while in my current situation, and it’s a big step.  but i can’t wait.

my parents are talking to me again today, so all is on the up-and-up!  hahaha.  they were upset.  they don’t want me to leave.  but it’s not as tragic of a situation as it seemed monday night.  🙂  and i’m so excited to look around on saturday!  it’s an exciting thing, even if i’m trying to worry myself over every thing.