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My brother is engaged!  He was hiding the ring at our house, so we knew about it.  But he did it today, in front of the Christmas tree, with photos in his camera writing out “will you marry me?”.  Both families met for dinner afterward.

It turns out, every couple in the family has the same initials…  Dani & Del, Adam & Amanda, and now Steve & Stacey.  Pickin’s are already slim, and now they’ve decided I have to eliminate 25 out of 26 letters to keep our tradition going!  Ridiculous.

It was a very happy dinner, with so much great food.  I had a glass of syrah (or shiraz, because the waitress got confused, and I couldn’t tell anyway), broccoli rabe crostini with my sister, bruschetta with my mom, garlic bread with my brother-in-law, wild mushroom risotto (which will also become at least 18 more meals over the next week), a bite of a cannoli, and a crispy banana something, also shared with my sister.  I have never been a big fan of risotto, but it sounded so good in the menu, and it was awesome.  It was all really delicious.  And everyone had a good time.

The morning also had a great meal, albeit less celebratory.  Two whole eggs, bacon by Lightlife that I would not recommend (I’ve had one other brand that tasted a lot more similar to bacon), and whole wheat toast.  I topped my perfect over-medium eggs with garlic salt and basil.