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i have breaked from blogging for primarily one reason.  my diet the past few days has consisted, in large part, of the following:

these don’t look altogether appetizing online.  i took a sick day today, too.  i needed a little bump in down time and resting.  i’m feeling pretty decent again right now, but it’s been up and very down since last friday.  i think maybe another day of my vitamin craze and i’ll give it up for a while.

my day today also included oatmeal (with a mashed banana that didn’t taste very ripe, a pour of nonfat milk, grade b maple syrup, wheat germ, and toasted walnuts):

and some fake beef, catalina dressing, and a potato cooked by my mama with butter, salt, and a new laughing cow chipotle wedge:

i stood for a few minutes tonight to help my mom with chruscikis for christmas.

and to bring a little cheer into my life, my wardrobe now includes….

pom poms!!

i never wanted to bring any fur or fake fur into my collection, but these guys were just so damned cute. i will now be transitioning everything i own from black to brown, so that i can start wearing these every single day.  they are the snuggliest things ever.