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i’m trying to avoid a cold, again.

it’s gotten me worried a bunch of times recently, but i’ve been able to push it off every time.  i won’t have another vitamin c drop because it’s bedtime.  but i will overload myself with them tomorrow, again.

i’ll keep it short, so i can sleep now.  i get to learn all about weight watchers’ new program tomorrow morning!  leftovers were possibly more delicious than the first time around, again.

i was without a computer at work yesterday for something like 7 hours.  i found plenty of work to do, but it was frustrating.  the IT guys are very friendly, and very happy my patience is so high.  i told them before leaving that i had to send out some things before i left, so they said they would work on it again later.  i had a beautiful new computer when i got there today.  but there were several problems throughout the morning, and in the afternoon, again.

technology likes to pretend it hates me, always.

i did not leave on time, again.

but i had a great meeting this afternoon, and then a ton of things to get done after that.  i don’t know that i’ve stayed this late in a year.  i was so happy getting everything accomplished, though.  everyone was friendly, no dramatic errors on my part, and nothing in my project has been even slightly ruined yet!  and this was my gorgeous sunset at work.  i was in awe.