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I love when you get into your car and the perfect song is just coming on the radio.

I got back in the kitchen today, even if I didn’t cut, assemble, or mix a darn thing to get to my dinner.  It was a step above a corn dog with a side of veg, which has been the gist of all my meals lately.

Tonight, I used a bag of stir-fry veggies from Target with snap peas and water chestnuts.  Immediately after I ripped the bag open, I realized it was a steam-in-the-microwave bag.  So with that awesome option out the window, I dumped them in a wok with 2 tsp olive oil, and eventually added Gardein buffalo wings.  I don’t recommend these, but I wanted to finish them up.  I really like their “beefless tips.”  I added my favorite Lowry’s marinade – Baja Chipotle.

What goes with an Asian stir-fry?  Vegetarian stuffing and cranberry sauce, of course.

Perfect.  My favorite meal of the day was lunch, though.  A gigantic bowl of cereal with almond milk, and blueberries at the last minute (microwaved from the freezer because the cereal was starting to sog).

It was no Cap’n Crunch Berries, but it was so good.  Puffed brown rice, and Kashi protein crunch honey-almond-flax.

Now I’m listening to a little bedtime music, and I think I’ll watch a few minutes of Tristan + Isolde.  I’m giving it another try after being uninterested years ago.  I watched about 45 minutes last night, and it was good this time!  Happy Friday.  AND Happy December!!