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  1. It was headphones day!  I had ordered swanky phones online, and they arrived today.  However.  They are not what I was expecting.  Somehow I got it in my head that they were wireless noise canceling.  They are not.
  2. I am in the middle of convincing myself to keep them.  I had the kid working in Best Buy convinced they were wireless last week, and he said he would go home to research them because he couldn’t figure the wireless part, either.
  3. I actually think they are just what I would have wanted if I knew what they were from the beginning.  They’re wired, but are very cozy, noise-cancelly, good headphones.  For a peak at them not on my head (because I have not taken one photo in the past two days), see here.  My visions of listening to music while switching my laundry and cooking dinner will just have to fall short (or be accompanied by iPod).  These got awesome marks for traveling, and while I don’t travel constantly, they’ll be great to have for whatever other situations I get myself into over the coming years.
  4. The Burlesque soundtrack!  The movie was incredible, and the soundtrack is just as hot.
  5. The Juno soundtrack.  Remember this?  I guess not everyone spent a year of their life listening to this on repeat in someone else’s car every weekend.  It was such a fun, cute soundtrack, and even after giving it up for the past two years or so, it’s still pretty cute.
  6. Joanne Newsom.  I was won over by a commercial, much the same as for the Half Acre song years ago.  It’s an LG commercial about putting on a play.  Her voice is unique, but I love it, and her song Bridges and Balloons.
  7. My brother hung out here all night.  🙂  We had a pasta dinner, some au revoir sundaes because the ice cream stand is closing in 4 days (and because I have the worst sugar problem in the world), watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the real one), and rounded it out with a little Shrek the Halls.
  8. December in T minus 1 hour!