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it’s my 100th post!  so fun.

sadly, my gigantic weekend ended with awful stomach pain and me balled up not knowing what to do about it.  it’s never hurt so much.  thankfully, it’s calmed down a bit.  and also thankfully, the four days preceding that were wonderful.

bonfire, family time, lots of online shopping…

yesterday’s breakfast was pretty decadent.  i put to use our homemade bread, and finally dipped into a second crofter’s superfruit spread.

I made PB&J french toast!

i sliced off three pieces of bread and soaked it in 1 egg, cinnamon, vanilla, and maybe 1/4 cup vanilla almond milk.  toppings: 2 tbsp pb2 in a tbsp water, tbsp crofter’s europe, and 2 tbsp grade b maple syrup.  let me not tiptoe around the fact that this was sticky sweet.  someone with a lesser stomach may have been dissuaded.  for a second, i thought the 2 tbsp of caramel-y syrup would be even too much for me.  and then i dove in head-first.

i saw burlesque yesterday with melissa and her mom.  it was amazing.  i would go back to see it again in a heartbeat.  after that, i went to a game night with some friends i haven’t seen in a long time.  we played mad gab, apples to apples, and had a hilarious time.  i did nothing but belly laugh till it hurt (not like tonight) the whole night.

before i ventured outside today, i finally put to use the pumpkin dip from my sister – on my oatmeal!  i cooked up irish porridge with sunrise fruits plus 0.5 tbsp flax seeds, microwaved apple chunks with cinnamon, and added the pumpkin dip on top.

later, we got frozen yogurt at spoon me, did a little embarrassing used dvd shopping (which ended in me rounding out my roswell collection with the third season),  and went for sushi and edamame at the end of the night.  i watched being john malkovich for the first time.