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i decided to change my traditional-turned-vegetarian thanksgiving sandwich into breakfast.  it used to entail turkey, mayonnaise, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.  then it went to mayonnaise, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and possibly potatoes.  this morning, i went for stuffing, cranberry sauce, and a fried egg.

i used a non-stick pan and a tsp of olive oil.  it non-sticked its way directly from the pan, to the plate, onto the counter, and all the way down my leg and the cabinet.

i threw a fit, and then fried another egg.

we typically make bread one day a year, and that day is the day after thanksgiving.  my dad makes turkey soup, and we produce a thick, wonderful loaf of crusty bread.

we were out of nonfat dry milk powder.  the smallest box in our town was at least 84 pounds.  we drove 7 exits to the next grocery store, and got one that was 60 pounds… or 24 ounces.  the recipe, upon inspection once back at home, requests 2 tbsp.  looks like we’ll be reconstituting a lot of “milk.”

my mom and i set up all the ingredients (after also discovering no bread flour, and experimenting with some wheat gluten), and i came back half an hour later to find the bread machine flashing at zero.  we started it up and decided it was ok to push back dinner.  twenty minutes later, it went back to zero.  the third time was the charm.  we realigned some things, and it went as far as kneading.  my dad and i literally did a few happy dances around the kitchen.

30 minutes later, it went back to zero.  i’m pretty sure it’s sitting on the curb right now.  i sprayed up a couple loaf pans, pulled the bread apart, and successfully came out on the other side with something that essentially resembles bread.  it took faking a warm environment for the dough to finish rising, and some really unsure baking time.

such amazingly long-winded ways to get where i was going today.  but it all ended up delicious!

’tis the season: