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i realized this week that i will never have to cook a turkey!  even before i thought about going vegetarian, i did not like the idea of being the one in charge of that.

who would make the vegetarian cook the turkey?  no one.  if i host, i’ll make a kajillion side dishes (my words to my parents a few days ago), and someone can just bring a turkey if they think it’s necessary.  i’d be so bold as to host thanksgiving without one, but i’d want to be accommodating.

the morning entailed christmas movies on television (with our new HD cable box),

until i finally pulled myself together for a little trip to the gym around noon.

my dinner consisted of a lot of this:

my sister made that tin full of sugar…  also known as pecan pie.  it’s one of my favorite desserts ever, but knowing the ingredients (most of which are sugar), i would never make one here, even though it’s so simple.  she also provided the green bean casserole.  i think that’s my main thanksgiving favorite.  well, that, and cranberry sauce, brown sugar sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, biscuits, and stuffing.  i think that was it.  :-p  we found a bag of pepperidge farm stuffing cubes, so i could have a non-kookie vegetarian stuffing (as opposed to last year’s toast-like stuffing facsimile).

and we had a fire in the fireplace!  i’m two for two.  it’s exciting that we used the fireplace so early on.  last year, i think we finally decided to make one at the end of the season… march, or so.  maybe we’ll use it more than once this year.