i’ve been missing people today…  thinking about people.  and not being able to stop, really.  it’s sort of bittersweet.  but regardless…  i’m in the throws of a four-day weekend!  🙂

that’s a pretty nice little fact.  and even if i can’t stop thinking about things i’d rather not, it’s at least a full, fun, four days off.  my brother had a bonfire tonight, we’ll have a full house all day tomorrow for festivities, i have a game night with some friends i haven’t seen in months, and plans to see burlesque with a friend and her mom.

i made it through my eye doctor appointment absolutely unscathed.  and then dinner, at 4:45 PM, was wonderful.

not pretty (plus a pumpkin pie hiding for tomorrow!)

pretty (remains of the roasted veggies with "beefless tips")

it was followed up by hours next to a bonfire.  the last hour was frigid.  my back was so cold.  but there were a lot of laughs.  and my brother made me two perfect s’mores sandwiches, after at least seven failed attempts on my part.

i almost fell asleep next to this at 9:30 tonight