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i went for the camera phone today.  one = good, one = not good at all.  at least i know it’s capable.

dinner tonight was thrown together before running out to spend the night window shopping.  let’s get him out of the way.

i wanted to finish up my egg beaters and my multigrain pitas.  mission, accomplished, just not exciting.

breakfast at work was stupendous, though.

i microwaved a chopped apple and a big dash of cinnamon for one minute before running out the door.  i threw it together with a pot of vanilla 0% chobani greek yogurt, and a handful of my new kashi crunch: honey almond flax cereal.  i wish i had another pot of greek yogurt so i could have it again tomorrow.  🙂  maybe i’ll make do with a container of yoplait and a microwaved apple.  i don’t think it would work out so well, though.

window shopping was awesome.  i did a little headphone research online a few days ago, and came to the sony MDR-NC60 wireless noise canceling headphones.  i tried them on at best buy and decided it was perfectly ok that i was sold on them within 30 seconds online.  so neat.  i want to have them by the next time i travel (which should be january).  i’m so excited to play with them!  (and then probably forget about them.)

i also lucked out in target optical – i loved four of the first five pairs of glasses i tried on.  i have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, and may go pick out glasses on saturday (apparently there are good deals.  and i refuse to go anywhere on friday.)  before we made the drive home, i may have also fallen in love with an imac, like i thought i never would, and strongly considered buying one even though i love my laptop.  and shouldn’t try to afford it.  🙂  oh, window shopping.