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redone vegetables tonight for dinner were so much better than last night’s. i browned up one of my favorite black bean burgers (morningstar farms) and tossed a bunch of my roasted veggies in the pan with it.

i chopped it all up and sauteed it with some new marinade (lawry’s baja chipotle). that was a big win, too. the last few i’ve tried weren’t that exciting, but this one was great. instant stir-fry, just like i had in mind.  i didn’t even need time to prep rice, because it was already packed with carbs.

so great. i’ve still been in a snacking mood since then, though, and it’s not because i’m hungry. let me stop short, instead of droning on. i’m not happy with myself tonight, but i will be in the morning.

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the one serious conviction that a man should have is that nothing is to be taken too seriously.
– nicholas butler