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i feel better about myself when i leave the house during the course of the day.  even if today, that trip entailed 4 minutes to the ice cream stand for a sundae to share with my mom.  talk about a laze-about of a sunday…

i made a great bowl of oatmeal like i went to bed thinking of,

with delicious pumpkin bits,

and just finished watching elf on television.  so both ideas i had for the day were executed.  but tragically, that’s about all my day amounted to.

i cleaned out my cabinet in the kitchen.  it was tackled by request, but of course i went willingly.

dinner was oddly unsatisfying… everything came out delicious, and i snacked on bits of sweet potato until my parents were ready to eat.  but for some reason, by the time it all finished cooking, i wasn’t in the mood.  i roasted up just about my weight in veggies…  a pound of carrots, 2 small white potatoes, a rutabaga, and a big old sweet potato (plus ketchup, pine nut hummus, a partridge, and a pear tree).

i set the oven to 400*F and tossed in the white potato and carrots (they supposedly had a longer cooking time, at about one hour).  about ten minutes later, i tossed in the rutabaga, and eventually, the sweet potato.  i tried to chop everything to 0.75″ to keep it all uniform.  that’s definitely not my strong suit, but they were all close.  since it took so long to cut up the sweet potato and get in the oven with the rest, i microwaved it for about 2.5 minutes after it was chopped and tossed.

that’s right – one sweet potato (and a cooking spray lid as a size reference, haha).  i kept it all simple and each veggie got a tsp of olive oil, salt, and pepper.  i sprayed the pans for good measure.

the sweet potato was my favorite.  the rutabaga came out great, but i liked it better cooked with garlic, ginger, and soy sauce.  the white potato was a little over-done for me.  i was only disappointed with the whole carrots – they were not what i thought they would be.  i followed emily’s simple idea, which actually cooked them well.  i think i had in mind that they would come out sweet as if they were glazed, so it was my silly mistake.  i’m thinking up ways to eat these throughout the week that won’t be repetitive.  i’m thinking a marinade and some protein in a super-quick stir-fry.

it’s been a movie-filled day.  i had tv movies on in the kitchen with my veggies for three hours.  i caught parts of the holiday, last holiday, what women want, and elf.  now i’ve come across the beginning of possession.  i’m giving it another go, and getting to bed so i can head to the gym tomorrow morning.  🙂  i love how many times i’ve forgotten that i have a three-day week this week!  so, so exciting.