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someone went to see harry potter at midnight on thursday.  and then someone didn’t post for two days because of it.  thursday night i decided i would take the night off in favor of going to the gym, with a coffee in my hand, at 7:00 pm.  then i hurried to get ready and meet jordan and some friends at a very cute diner before the movie.

i was not disappointed.  i remembered on my drive over how bored i was during the sixth movie, and how 30 minutes in, i was kicking myself for agreeing to the midnight show.  but thursday was a fun night, and i was entertained through the whole movie!  it was a nice perk.

then last night, i ate some chinese take-out broccoli with my parents, and essentially collapsed on my bed at 8:30 pm…  i slept for twelve hours last night.  glorious.

then this morning, i did a little meal planning, and set to work finishing my ezekiel cinnamon bread.  🙂  french toast!  it’s probably been a year since i’ve made french toast.

i mixed up 1/4 cup egg beaters, 1/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, cinnamon, and vanilla.  let the bread sit for a few minutes, since it felt pretty hard after being in the fridge.  i cooked it up in butter.  i used to use cooking spray, and i’d probably go back to that next time.  but i was in the mood for butter.  and also, at the last minute, a veggie sausage link (smushed in the pan while it cooked so it would get crispy, and apparently, fall apart).

so, so good.  after that, i realized i haven’t had a proper bowl of oatmeal in a while…  so i think i’ve breakfast planned for tomorrow.  (day two, no alarm clock.  beautiful weekend.)

the day was spent in a christmas surprise for my mom.  i heard about the trans-siberian orchestra tour from someone at work last week, and bought tickets to surprise her for an early present.  the show was incredible..  it’s about 20 people playing and signing, with some very fancy lights and a bit of pyrotechnics.  so fun.

we rounded out the celebration with dinner on the town.  the holiday season is now officially underway.  🙂  while watching a christmas movie this morning, i saw the countdown at the bottom–35 days.  i remember when i was little, i would count down from at least 90 every, single year.  so… oatmeal and a christmas movie when i wake up, hahaha.