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I don’t know that I threw anything at all together in the past two days that were even worthy of mentioning.  I have good meal ideas for tomorrow, but even that will be just grazing on healthy bits throughout the day.  I’m hopeful and excited about it.  Because I’m a dweeb.

Today, awesome lunchtime leftovers from IndeBlue last night:

paneer tikka masala

And for dinner, a frozen meal.  I’m not a great fan of these any more (frozen meals in general), but sometimes they come in handy.  I have gotten away to using them as lunch staples like I had been doing, which is why this guy was sitting in the freezer for quite a while:

sante fe-style rice and beans

For a frozen meal, it was ridiculously delicious.  It was from lean cuisine.  And clearly, it’s stood the test of time.  I promise it isn’t even close to expiring… but I bought it so long ago I don’t even remember.  I added a little 2% cheddar cheese on top after heating, and let it melt before I dug in.  The little bit of creamy sauce with the cheddar cheese was like instant comfort food to the max.  🙂

Here’s hoping that I have time and desire to fix myself lots of good foods soon.  Tomorrow night is out for preparation.  I have a drawer full of root vegetables I can’t wait to roast up, but…  I have a dentist appointment right after work (meaning I’ll need to leave on time for the first time in weeks), then a few things to do, then decided to go for a midnight show!  Because of course, why would I want sleep in the middle of the week?  :-p  Maybe Friday night will be a kitchen night.