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Best breakfast ever this morning.  Well, that’s a lie.  But only because of how deep my love of oatmeal runs.  I made a fried tofu sandwich!  The photo does it no justice.  The first half was great while sitting at my table, and the second half was great after making the trip to work in tin foil in my bag.

I took a 1/4 block of light firm tofu, cut it down the middle, and pressed on it for a while.  I sizzled it over medium heat in a tsp of olive oil.  It almost seemed like too much oil, but I measured, and it was delicious.  Salt and peppered while it cooked.  The magic ingredient was almost an afterthought – a tbsp of white whole wheat flour.  I didn’t even dredge it… no egg, no water.  I just sprinkled it over both sides of each piece and made sure it stuck.  It made it crispy and wonderful.

I toasted a wheat pita, added a slice of soy smoked provolone, and a line of dijon mustard.  So great.  It was a good shift from the typical.  And even though I considered holding off on breakfast because I wasn’t super hungry, it kept me full all the way until lunch, which hasn’t happened in a while.  I almost said it kept me happy and full, but it was a miserable Monday morning.  At least the afternoon perked up a little tiny bit.  And by tonight, everything was just fine.

Gym tomorrow morning… as long as I can get to sleep tonight.  I’m getting close to being back to healthy and feeling good, but not quite yet.