So after a week of pretty good meals, and less desire to snack than I’ve had in a long while, I had an over-the-top weekend.  It’s still going on right now.  And I’m watching Supersize Me.  A little bit ironic, but it’s at least registering with me.

I went to a wine event in town with a few friends.  I followed it up with a “cheeseburger” at McDonald’s at midnight.  I very sweetly started my chat with the girl in the drive-thru by saying, “I’m a vegetarian.  Can I get a cheeseburger without the meat patty?”  She said of course I could!  The other time I tried this, I got one, but after the person looked at me like I was insane, and yelled across the kitchen, “yo, she wants a burger without the burger.”  In all fairness, that is what I requested.  :-p

After that, I promised to go to breakfast this morning, and got a sugary breakfast instead of my normal, egg white-filled kind.  And that followed up by some snacks tonight that were beyond my normal.  This week will be an attempt to kick my sugar cravings back out (after handling them well for a while) with good, healthy food.  🙂  Pasta salads with my weight in broccoli (just like I like them!), the rest of my pumpkin soup with tofu cubes, attempted roasted root veggies, and yogurts!  Well, those are some highlights.  Also Indian food for dinner one night, and a possible Zumba class.