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I was sent a link to a really interesting article today: Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds. The guy is not advocating that people “jump on the Ding Dong band wagon,” but it goes a lot way in showing that it’s about learning portion control and refraining from overeating. This, at the same time that Weight Watchers just launched a brand new program in the UK, that might tout the opposite of this. I’m interested to see how that pans out, though.

For dinner, I wanted vegetables. My body was a little out of whack today. I had no desire to get myself hungry this morning. I think I was too wired or nervous or something. So I had coffee with almond milk, nursed it until noon, and then still didn’t feel like eating. At 1:00, I got super hungry, but it transitioned into being a little over-hungry, and nothing at all sounded good. This long story ends with a delicious toasted cheese sandwich from Wawa.

So dinner = vegetables. It’s possible the soup was even more delicious the second time around. I didn’t add anything to the top. And the tofu was still perfect.

On the side, I tried out my new multigrain pitas, with a great new brand of pine nut hummus, sliced cucumber, garlic salt, and a few leftover mushrooms.

And I didn’t finish! Whoops. At least it was wonderful. And my stomach was happy for a little while. 🙂