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or, how kristen got her oatmeal back

i spent a very relaxing saturday today. i started out by reclaiming my breakfast bowl. for some reason, i haven’t had a delicious bowl of oatmeal in a long time. i don’t know how i lost the knack, but it’s sort of how i stopped being able to make pancakes when i was 13, and just in the past few years figured it out again. thank goodness it only took several weeks for this one. years would have been so miserable!

in the mix: 1/2 cup rolled oats (cooked in 3/4 c water in the microwave), spoonful of pumpkin, lots of cinnamon, 1/2 tbsp flaxseed, tbsp each dried cherries and dried apricots, 1/2 tbsp brown sugar splenda, and 1/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk. perfection.

i had a good trip to the gym halfway through my day, and later on spent the evening with jordan. we tried afghan food for the first time! their menu sounded similar to indian, and they had a lot of vegetarian options. the food was pretty mild. they said we could request spicy, but i know what a wuss i am, so i stuck with “original.” it was kind of sweet. we shared sambosas (which were fried veggie dumplings pretty close to indian samosas), and i got an eggplant dish, with raisins, brown rice, some nuts, some carrots. it was so different! 🙂 i would definitely go back, but i might try something else.

we did a little grocery shopping. or… a lot of grocery shopping, spanning a long time. the store was pretty cleared out, since i guess other people thought they could make better use of a saturday night. i think we proved them wrong, with how much laughing and carrying on we did. the store was running a little bit low-tech this evening.

but i got a lot of wonderful things i can’t wait to try, as usual!  i went with a very modest list of <10 items, including broccoli and turnips, and left the store with a cart full and a pocket empty.  i’m not concerned at all, because most of my picks will stick around for a while.

and of course, since we were hanging out, and had access… frozen yogurt!

*a photo would go right here, with our big bowls full of swirled flavors, cereal, and cheesecake topping, but my camera ate the picture. even after i thought ahead and saved a copy beforehand! they were gorgeous. you can believe me.*

at least i have the hilarious photos to prove how cute this place is. it’s called spoon me – the same place we went to a few weeks ago, with the 12:30 AM closing time.

cheers! tomorrow brings the possibility of finally making it to the early yoga class at the gym. well it’s at 11 AM, and no, obviously that isn’t early.  but sunday is my only day for no alarm setting, and that usually wins.  hello, +1 hour for sleeping!  i promised myself i would use it for sleep this year, and not my usual way, of staying awake doing nothing for one additional hour and not thoroughly appreciating it. i will end in my true fashion, raving about how i’m going to bed immediately.  maybe it’s just all i’m thinking about at this hour every night…  :-p