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hello friday, hello time to spend with the food processor.

i set to work on my second attempt at nut butter.  the first was delicious, but more a topping than a nut butter.  this time around, i went for a simpler cashew butter.  i picked up 16 oz. roasted, unsalted cashews from whole foods (and was mildly disappointed tonight that they were not the only ingredient, followed by oil).

i added a big pinch of salt, and what ended up being maybe 2 tsp canola oil.  biggest conclusion: i might have to wait until i move out to make nut butter again.  that, or make sure i’m the only one in the house when i set to work.  but that never happens.  my mom came in halfway through to ask what was going on, and then was fairly certain the motor in the food processor might burn out.  i can’t say i wasn’t worried about that same thing moments before.  but look at this cashew action!

the flavor is very sweet, but that’s because that’s how cashews taste to me.  and it ended up closer to nut butter than the pecan topping!  so i’m getting there.

it was delicious after assembly: on an english muffin, with nutella and a sliced banana.

delicious, tiny dinner (preceded by gigantic friday lunch).  happy weekend!  tonight was supposed to be catch-up-on-sleep night, so i’m getting to that now.  i could have fallen asleep two hours ago.  legitimately.