in favor of embracing my favorite ever of writing styles, it will be a post full of lists.  why do i surround myself with these everywhere else in my life, and try to stay away from them here??  ridiculous, i do declare.

some interesting health articles & research:

good & the bad of my day:

  • the overnight pumpkin oats this morning were lacking.  i still don’t really know what was missing.  i will try again.  but not tomorrow.
  • i am having a great time with my current projects at work.  i hope to not get overwhelmed, or complacent.  right now, it’s just right.
  • i met fran at barnes & noble tonight to walk her through wordpress.  there were some registration issues, maybe problems with emails, but i have a question in to them.  hopefully she’ll get set up soon.  i can’t wait to start reading.
  • in spite of that, it was such a good night!!  a small decaf soy toffee nut latte worked its way into the mix.  we looked at her gorgeous photos from new mexico (i cannot wait to visit when she’s all settled), and talked and talked.
  • some of the managers are flying in next week for training.  it’s so fun to catch up with all of them when they visit.
  • i saw christmas books in the bookstore tonight.  this means it is officially the season and i can start watching national lampoon’s christmas vacation.

good night, all.