I had a green-ish smoothie for supper tonight.

It came out delicious, but the texture or temperature was too much for me.  I ended up letting it sit for a little while to melt the ice bits, and reblending it.  It got extra fluffed up, and perfect.  It had frozen strawberries, a Weight Watchers chocolate smoothie mix, water, lots of spinach, and guar & xanthan gum.

In honor of avoiding Halloween candy at work like the plague…  meal ideas for the rest of the week!

Breakfast: sausage & mozzarella english muffin
Lunch: Ezekiel cinnamon raisin sandwich with banana and PB2
Dinner: homemade pizza!  miscellaneous veggies

Breakfast: cold pumpkin chia oatmeal
Lunch: tempeh with leftover veggies, cheese, & red sauce
Dinner: coffee date with Fran

Breakfast: english muffin with red sauce & soy mozzarella
Lunch: frozen waffles
Dinner: barbecued tempeh; poor man’s macaroni & cheese

Breakfast: chocolate vitamuffin with peanut butter
Lunch: tempeh wrap of some sort
Dinner: buffalo wings, soy mozzarella cheese, brussels sprouts, red quinoa

When I went shopping with my parents on Saturday, I bought mangoes.  The seller handed me two big, tall stalks that he called flowers.  I handed them to my mom.  And they turned beautiful!