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I finally watched the Lovely Bones.  Remind me next time that it’s a bad idea to watch movies like that by myself and at night.  I was both crying and very skittish all at once.  It’s back to Freaks and Geeks for me to chill out again before bedtime.

Halloween was pretty nice.  It wasn’t my typical.  I didn’t get the chance to head up to my normal party with my college friends; hopefully we’ll get together again soon.  I was invited to another party first.  Unfortunately I didn’t know more than two people there…  Everyone was nice, and it was a fun house, but it was a little bit awkward.  I reused my blue dress from last year’s Alice in Wonderland, and turned it into Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  My friend was the cowardly lion.  The night ended like this:

Converse sneakers over high white socks.  Very classy.  But it allowed for a quicker run to my car in the cold at the end of the night.  That was, however, evened out when I got into my driveway and decided to use Google Sky to check out some constellations at 3:00 AM.  It was a great end to the night.  🙂

Other highlights included:

banana pumpkin oats with a crumbled Trader Joe’s banana chocolate chip protein muffin courtesy of Melissa

a new necklace charm

and double time on the stove for some vegetarian popeye noodles.  🙂

This is my family’s favorite special meal.  When we were younger, it used to take my mom 3 hours or more to fix the ingredients and roll out enough to feed all six of us.  We’re down to making a single recipe, so she’s much happier about making it now.  I boiled up some veggie broth to cook mine.  Then I put it alongside two vegetables, since they are better than one.

Happy Halloween.