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So to procrastinate my big reading plans for the night, I decided to youtube “raw food.”  You might be wondering why.  Unfortunately, your guess is as good as mine.  I’m not that interested in it, but I am considering that some days I rely more heavily on dairy or protein subs than I’d like.  Or, as in the case of today, caffeine and sugar.  I was lured by TWO offerings of Dunkin’ Donuts…  After starting off the morning by adding instant espresso to my brewed coffee.

they tell me this mug is actually a giant. i didn't realize.

Overall, a super healthy day.  What can I say?  It was moving day!!!  We transferred our offices to another building at work today.  We have been boxing and organizing all week, and got over to our new spaces today.  We also boxed up an obscene amount of other things that will be going to storage.

I didn’t fall asleep until pretty late last night.  I decided that the cup of brewed chicory coffee wouldn’t cut it this morning, and decided to try throwing in a little espresso powder.  Delicious, stupid, but very helpful today.  I also then succumbed to sugary breakfast offerings, and then most of a second mugful of coffee.  I felt a little iffy for a minute, but then had so much energy for unpacking and finishing the move!  It was very helpful.  But on a normal day, I’d rather eat greens, and have slept.  :-p

Check out my gorgeous new view!!!  It’s a far cry from my humble beginnings of sitting in a closet with our clothing (not a joke).

I digress.  My weirdo youtube search led me to Yuri Elkaim, and I watched a bunch of videos of him sitting on his couch discussing nutrition, exercise, and random things he seems pretty darn knowledgeable about.  I went out on a high note with a really interesting article from his blog: Food Addiction, Starvation, and Junk Food.  Crazy stuff.  Not necessarily surprising, but it was all researched.  And now I’m thinking about all the ways I’ll go about adding more raw foods into my meal plan for the week.  😉

Onto my bedtime snack!  I went for a hodge-podge of grains…  a dash of rolled oats, a tbsp each of flax seeds and wheat germ, a toss of pumpkin, and a tsp of chia seeds at the end, because the 3/4 cup water was too soggy for me.

And now, for a five-minute effort toward my reading goals for the night.  🙂