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I am on a reading mission. I broke out my ‘books to read’ list and marked which I thought I could finish this year. I’m obviously coming up short compared to my high hopes, but I have been a mild reading fool recently.

Right now I’m working on one that’s pretty… racy*. I’ll leave it at that right now, and please only look into it after the warning and with an open mind. It’s interesting, and sometimes I like finding out what’s making other people uncomfortable. Really, it will at least be one book to cross off the list!!
* Dare I say, vulgar.

Cake flowers class ended up a super success. I’m so happy with my cake! 🙂

It was obviously incorporated into Grey’s Anatomy night. We enjoyed our slices during the Big Bang Theory… Which left ample time in between to enjoy this with Grey’s Anatomy:

Melissa brought over her spectacular bruschetta. She followed a recipe from Guy Fieri at first, but she just has it down now. And soon (or, at least in the next year), I will be all set to make a ton of my own!

I am growing basil plants! And by I, I mean my mom is watering them for me so I don’t kill them. They just shot up recently, and are starting to smell so good. Bruschetta is in my future, but I just got even more excited for pesto! I have never made pesto, but mostly because it would involve a lot of money shelled out for a small amount of basil that is not that impressive. Soon.