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This morning, I feasted on a slice of toast and margarine with my mama. I finally bought a loaf that I’ve been reading about for a long while, Ezekiel 4:9 bread! I went for the cinnamon raisin.

It’s awesome, and so fun. A lot of the ingredients are sprouted, which smarter women than me could probably explain. I just know it makes me feel like I’m putting good things in my body with just a piece of bread. Also, it’s delicious! There are some interesting flavors in it (I’m guessing because of all the healthy stuff going on), but not at all funky like I considered it could be.

When I first brought it home, I had it for a snack with a blob of PB2. Wonderful, just like this morning.

Lunchtime today brought my favorite new smoothie for my Vega vanilla chai powder. I’ve had a lot of trouble finding things to match it with. I think I was ignoring the “chai” part, which was leading to terrible concoctions involving citrus and other miserable things. Today, though, spot on! Finally. So at least the whole expensive tub won’t go unappreciated.

In the Guinness stein: 0.5 cup vanilla soy milk, 0.5 cup pumpkin (hello, solution!), about 2 cups spinach (organic baby spinach from Trader Joe’s), scoop Vega vanilla chai, 2 tsp sugar-free french vanilla creamer, crushed ice, 1/8 tsp xanthan gum, 1/8 tsp guar gum, Stevia, and cinnamon. 🙂

Another great highlight from today–I figured out my Halloween costume!!!  It’s actually one I considered a couple of weeks ago, and breezed past.  It means I can reuse pieces, and be super, super lazy, which are two pretty important things when it comes to costume planning for me.  Also that it’s real clothes instead of a costume from a store.  I don’t know if that preference started because all my college friends are soooo creative, or if it’s just because I’m wildly more comfortable when I’m not in a plastic get-up that’s 2 sizes too small.  🙂  I just need to search for one piece tomorrow, and grab the other piece Saturday morning.  Very excited.