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My day was spent grocery shopping.  I had a list that I did not look at once, and it took four hours.  It was a great day. It was not typical grocery shopping, which I love all on its own.  Melissa and I finally went for it, and traveled the half hour to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.  I haven’t been to a Whole Foods since I was at school, and have never been to Trader Joe’s.  I can’t believe I didn’t seek out this Whole Foods earlier!  I made it to the Wegman’s, which is two exits past the one for these guys, and just stuck with it.  The horror!  Whole Foods, I am yours.  Oh my gosh, what a great trip.

Neither of us had anything else planned for the day, so we took our good old time.  We started with Whole Foods, and went straight for the salad bar.  It was as big as my living room.  Really?  I’ve been missing out.

I found chia seeds in the bulk aisle.  I didn’t even think about the bulk aisle before we left.  Silly.  I stocked up on black beans, which I then poured all over the kitchen because of a hole developed on the trip home.  And refilled my mason jar of chia seeds for an awesome price.  I found them shelved in bags, for more than I can get them online, and then discovered them gleaming in the bulk bins.

At Trader Joe’s, Melissa pointed out the mochi.  When I first discovered this at a sushi place a few months ago, Wikipedia told me that it was stocked at Trader Joe’s locations.  I could not resist.

I have since found it in mini-marshmallow size at self-serve frozen yogurt places, my favorite dessert spot recently.  Jordan and I had the best Saturday night this week.  We went to a Thai restaurant, stopped for a drink at Applebee’s to kill time, saw The Social Network at the good theater…  And rounded out the night with a snap decision turn-around at 11:45 PM.  We discovered that “Spoon Me,” in the parking lot of the theater, was in fact a dessert place like we had hoped, and not anything else we came up with based on the name.  So after Googling, and discovering they have the most ridiculous 12:30 AM closing time, we strolled in for a literal midnight snack.  Such a great, GREAT idea.  Though, we were both a little delirious by the last spoonful.

And with that, I will leave you with my newest t-shirt, straight out of Flashdance.