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After yesterday’s coffee glory, today was a flop in comparison.  Well, it was delicious, but not at all coffee-flavored enough.  I ran around at work all morning until we had to leave for an off-site meeting, so instead of brewing some kona at my desk, I poured some kitchen coffee onto my vanilla soy milk for the car ride.  It tasted like sweet, warm soy milk… so kind of like dessert.  But just not right.

Dinner was sort of the same rushed occasion.  The rest of the day was not at all like this – really.  We had a working lunch at our meeting, but I only had a small slice of margherita pizza and a few bites of salad. I left work 15 minutes late, and my stomach had been growling since 4 PM.  I got in the door, and my mood got worse and worse, in all of about five minutes.  When I’m over hungry, I can’t think straight, or realize that life is great and everything’s fine.  I can’t concentrate on fixing something to eat, so it just ends up taking longer.  I stood in the middle of the kitchen for a few minutes trying to settle down, and then grabbed some cottage cheese.  Weird, but it was the healthiest, proteiniest thing in the kitchen.  And I think it did the trick.  Then I had time and energy to get to work on a speedy quesadilla.

Pinto & black beans with sauteed onions and colby jack cheese!  It was great.  I added red and green salsas once it was finished and crispy.

I actually started adding cooked spinach to it before I grilled it, because I wanted something leafy and green…  And then I realized how much it would ruin it, and that I should just eat it on the side.  I bet other people don’t have to realize things like this.  :-p

I just rounded out the lovely day with some red wine and Grey’s Anatomy.

What a good Thursday!  Good field trip at work, good projects getting started, good food, company, and grey’s.