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There were also daffodils in class, but that didn’t fit in the title.

Best food moment of the day: my coffee!  Something about it this morning just made it perfect.  I fall into ruts with my most favorite of beverages.  I take it the same way every morning for about a month or two, and then get really sick of it and can’t figure out why I’m not smitten with the first sip.  This morning was just the right amount of sweet and soy milk…  It was mostly the New Orleans coffee with chicory, and a little cinnamon on top before it brewed…  I think I’m on to something for this month.

Best purchase of the day: it involved the word Sharpie.  It may have also been preceded with research on the matter.  Not more than 5 minutes, I swear!  I am a goner when it comes to office supplies.

It all started with another paper-loving list junkie I have been loving to read recently… and the fact that I had this snapshot up on my screen for around 15 minutes yesterday looking over each part and figuring out exactly what I’ll be putting in my new planner.  At least I have 2 freaking months to figure it out.  Haha.  I am 90% certain I’ll be over it by the time it begins.