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It was a leftovers sort of day, it turns out.  They were so good, though, I didn’t even notice it was all repeat, recycled meals!

Lunch was from my lovely dinner Friday night, at Toscana.  My friend Melissa and I went with a good bottle of wine, and then went back to her house where I weaseled my way in to her dad’s birthday celebration, with dessert and more wine with her dad.

My plate today included some eggplant rollatine (they actually spelled it that way…) and baked pasta.  Not at all health food, but it was riddled with humungous humongous tomatoes, and at least I got in my dairy for the week!  😉  And I may have tried to blot off some cheese grease like I do with my pizza.  It was a really classy moment.  I would have heated up my weight in brussels sprouts like usual, but this is all that was left of our last bag.  A slight tragedy.  But the Italian leftovers were massive, and such delightful comfort food.

Dinner was one of my extra taco filling portions from last night, but actually used as filling this time.  I had to swap out my 71-calorie super-fiber wheat tortillas for their fat-free version, which I wasn’t thrilled about, but am pretty pleased with.  Separated into two halves and topped with the taco filling, extra beans, cheddar cheese, and salsa after the photos were snapped.

I went to my real yoga studio tonight.  I miss it.  But it’s expensive, and I don’t like the six-week commitment every time I go.  I compromised and went just once for now, since I can’t fit in another gym yoga until my cake class ends.  It doesn’t really compare, but any yoga is better than none.

Yoga at the studio is such an experience (most times).  Tonight was great.  I was the only student this time.  Christine said she’s still having trouble getting everyone back after summer vacations.  I don’t want to worry about her having to close, but I think she usually gets attendance.  We decided on a tough-but-doable class, “since I’m young.”  Haha.  My knees weren’t so hot in the beginning, but I kept telling her what was up, and we worked on it.

Everything was a little bit sore by the end, and it felt wonderful.  I bet it will lead to sweet dreams tonight, too.  🙂  That, and knowing I have breakfast all ready for me…