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I felt the need to start the day base-line and fresh with food…  I went for a cup of coffee with just soy milk, and steel-cut oats.  I warmed up to the idea of being awake with (most of) a coffee and my hilarious polka-dotted robe.

I had a bit of a pear as an appetizer (with some shoddy spots cut out),

as my oats boiled over and scorched not one, but two burners.  Papa assured me it would be alright, as the second one got burned and I almost trashed my oatmeal in disgust.

I cooked the oats in all soy milk; usually it’s all water.  They ended up creamy and awesome.

If only the day continued on in that temple food fashion.  Regardless…  it was a wonderful day.  🙂

After some flip-flopping, and a little talking myself into not wanting to do anything…  I went to Princeton with Jordan.  I haven’t been there for probably 1.5 years.  It’s such a great place to walk around for the day!

We started off with a couple of iced coffees from the new Wawa.

I resisted for a few weeks out of protest, but I miss Wawa.  And if I actually staged a refusal, who alone would be suffering?  I gave in Thursday night when I was in need of a Starburst-themed candy surprise (not for me).

We spent a while in a big bookstore…

I got the name of a cake cookbook, and just ordered a copy on Amazon.  (Sorry bookstore, but I still made a purchase!)

There was a hilarious planner called “A 2011 Planner (or Non-Planner) for the Creative Procrastinator.”

I laughed my way through the whole thing, but that’s not what I was in the market for.  I’m now a happy owner of a new, wonderful, seafoam green planner for next year.  The greatest tragedy of my day was realizing I’ll have to wait 2 months before I can start using it.  I am sure I will set up shop at the kitchen table tomorrow and add dates from our house calendar, and my last planner.  I cannot explain the allure of a physical planner to me.  I always forget I own one by July.  But it’s pure glee for the first six months.

I am also the happy owner of two more seasons of Dawson’s Creek…  I believe numbers five and six.  I only had three and four to rotate through before; I miss a few of the college episodes.  Thanks, Princeton Record Exchange, for furthering my bad tv habit.  :-p

It was a gorgeous day.

I am so glad I reminded myself I was crazy to think we shouldn’t take a trip and spend the day outside.

… with some frozen yogurt!  (Not as good as Kiwi in Cherry Hill, but decent.)

We both got twists of pumpkin, cookies & cream, and thai tea.  I topped mine with a squirt of marshmallow, a few mini Reese’s Pieces, and some cookie dough and mochi.  I thought the tea flavor was great, but I was very wrong.  Cookies & cream was the only good one, with sort of the consistency and taste of a yogurt smoothie.  The rest got left behind.  Believe me when I say: that does not happen often.

They requested no photos; I don’t know what that’s about.  Bloggers snapping their frozen yogurts…?  Haha.

I am so looking forward to a second night in a row without an alarm set!  Tomorrow I’m going out to breakfast with my parents, which officially makes three meals out in the same number of days.  Happy weekend!